Electric vehicle chargers installed at head office

Danaher & Walsh has installed electric vehicle chargers at its head office, to serve the company's growing electric vehicle fleet.

Eight charging vehicle bays have been installed for use by members of staff driving electric and plug-in hybrid cars.

The Rolec Securicharge units deliver 7.2kW, 32 amp charging, ensuring employees' vehicle batteries remain topped-up, enabling emission-free driving.

Danaher & Walsh is a CEMARS certified company. CEMARS (Certified Emissions Measurement And Reduction Scheme) is the international standard for carbon emission measurement, and is the first global greenhouse gas certification standard to be accredited to ISO 14064-1. 

Speaking about the installation of the charging points, Managing Director Dan Danaher said: "Our vehicle fleet is rapidly evolving, as we move towards electric vehicles. Most new cars in our fleet are now plug-in hybrids.

"In order to fully realise the environmental benefits of these vehicles it is necessary to regularly charge the vehicles' batteries. By installing chargers at our head office, we're ensuring that more and more of our company miles are driven under electric power."