D&W purchases jet vac truck

Danaher & Walsh Civil Engineering has purchased a brand new mobile combination sewer cleaning unit - commonly known as a jet vac.

Framework Manager Dave Burkill and Managing Director Dan Danaher take delivery of the unit from Tom Brewer of Bucher Municipal.

The Bucher FlexLine C120 truck is used for preventative and emergency cleaning of sewers and tanks. It provides both high pressure jetting and powerful suction for the cleaning of sewers.

The state-of-the-art unit features a 12,000L tank with a movable partition to optimise between jetting and vacuum duties. 

The unit will be deployed with Danaher & Walsh's dedicated Anglian Water WRN Alliance team, and will complement their existing sewer repair and maintenance capabilities. 

Speaking about the purchase, Managing Director Dan Danaher said: "This investment will help to deliver significant operational efficiencies.

"We continue to work closely with Anglian Water and our WRN Alliance partners to deliver ever more efficient and cost-effective solutions for the maintenance of their assets, and to deliver the best possible service to Anglian Water's customers."