Duo gains senior management qualifications

Danaher & Walsh's Mark Hedges and Jason Bartlett have both gained the NVQ Level 7 Diploma in Construction Senior Management.

Contracts Manager Mark and Small Works Manager Jason have added the qualification to their already impressive CVs following a programme of study.

The high-level course covers a broad range of subjects, including contract management, procurement, risk analysis and customer service.

Speaking about his qualification award, Mark Hedges explained: “Even after many years working in the industry, I think stepping back into the classroom is extremely valuable.

“This course has helped me to look at issues from a different perspective, as well as teaching me new skills and theories.”

Jason Bartlett added: “Doing this course has given me in-depth insight into a wide range of issues relating to construction.

“As well as teaching me some very useful day-to-day skills, it has encouraged strategic thinking across a range of topics.”

Mark Hedges and Jason Bartlett

Mark Hedges and Jason Bartlett