Danaher & Walsh's gardener shares expert advice in new book

The gardener responsible for the grounds at Danaher & Walsh's Mountsorrel office has published a book sharing his expertise.

The front cover of Grasses and Perennials: Sustainable Planting for Shared Spaces

Kelly Baldry works as a freelance gardener, specialising in public spaces and commercial premises. His new book, Grasses and Perennials - Sustainable Planting for Shared Spaces, outlines his principles for successfully planting shared spaces.

Kelly's impressive work at D&W's Mountsorrel head office features within the book.

Speaking about the book, Kelly said: "The maintenance of our shared spaces makes a statement - it says that we care about our environment and our well-being.

"The aim of the book is to contribute to the discussion about how planted spaces can positively influence our surroundings, while being environmentally friendly, sustainable and stimulating."

Kelly's book is available to purchase on Amazon in both paperback and Kindle formats.

Planting our visible environment fulfils a basic human need, to connect with nature and the wider landscape. Our appreciation of nature rises while walking in woodland or looking at open grassland, moorland or wildflower meadow - definitive and recognisable landscapes, distinct from arbitrary urban planting. If the appreciated landscape can somehow be imported into the largely sterile urban environment, we can all benefit from a collective feeling of well-being.

Extract: Grasses and Perennials - Sustainable Planting for Shared Spaces