Danaher & Walsh signs USAG Charter

Danaher & Walsh has signed the Utility Strike Avoidance Group Charter, signalling a firm commitment to proactively mitigating the risk of utility strikes.

The Utility Strike Avoidance Group (USAG) is a collaborative group of over 200 utilities asset owners, industry groups and contractors that seeks to ensure the highest standards of safety and best practice when carrying out works, with a focus on avoiding accidental strikes to underground utilities.

Utility strikes remain a key issue in the construction and civil engineering industry. As well as presenting health, safety and environmental risks, utility strikes can lead to disruption to the supply of services to homes and businesses.

Danaher & Walsh has invested heavily in service strike risk mitigation over the past four years, with the purchase of eCAT4+ & Genny cable avoidance scanners and a comprehensive programme of ongoing training for site staff. D&W has also published a Safe Dig Pocket Guide, which is issued to all site personnel.

Speaking about signing the USAG Charter, Danaher & Walsh's SHEQ Manager Sue Southam said: "We are very pleased to work with USAG and its members.

"It's a brilliant initiative that seeks to promote an industry-wide approach to the ongoing challenge of service strike prevention".