Danaher & Walsh reveals groundbreaking civils automation technology

Danaher & Walsh has revealed it is to begin trials of a revolutionary new robotics system, which automates kerb laying and other civil engineering construction activities.

DEBUNKED! This story was a bit of April Fools fun.

KLODS – Kerb Laying Operational Delivery System – promises to deliver huge on-site efficiencies and cost savings.

Five years in the making, the system has been developed by Danaher & Walsh in cooperation with Dutch civil engineering specialists Scherts Groep and PhD students from the Friesland Applied Robotics Centre Europe at the Technical University of Leeuwarden.

Certain components including sensors and actuators have been sourced from Japanese robotics specialists Narisumashi.

Project lead at Scherts Groep, Wim Grapje, said: “It’s been a pleasure working with Danaher & Walsh to develop KLODS. Our combined knowledge and experience of the industry has been brought together to deliver a system that will revolutionise how we work.

“We couldn’t have done this without the help of our team of PhD students at FARCE, who have been instrumental in developing the AI needed to turn this project into a reality.”

Danaher & Walsh’s Innovation Director Joe King added: “Our colleagues and friends at Scherts, Narisumashi and FARCE are relying on us to make a success of this live trial. We have very high hopes for KLODS”.