Danaher & Walsh launches Advanced Pipeline Solutions division

Danaher & Walsh has launched a new division - Advanced Pipeline Solutions - which offers repair and rehabilitation of sewers and pipelines, using a combination of primarily no-dig techniques.

Danaher & Walsh APS

The business is fronted by Paul Cleaver, who has joined Danaher & Walsh with extensive experience in the industry and an impressive track record of providing genuinely innovative solutions for clients.

APS is overseen by Danaher & Walsh's Operations Director Russell Fitzjohn. 

The new venture is initially seeking to work primarily within the waste water sector.

Much of the work that APS will carry out will be pipe lining. This involves repairing a damaged sewer by inserting a malleable liner into the existing pipeline and curing it to form a rigid pipe.

High-tech cutting robots will be used to cut out obstructions and debris, and open up lateral connections.

As most of the work will be carried out using no-dig techniques, disruption is minimised and, usually, the cost of the repair is far lower than using the more traditional methods of excavation.

As part of the Danaher & Walsh Group, which is one of the Midlands' leading names in civil engineering contracting, APS is able to offer a complete integrated solution for drainage works.

Paul Cleaver

Speaking about the new venture, Danaher & Walsh Group Managing Director Dan Danaher said: "We're delighted to welcome Paul Cleaver to Danaher & Walsh. Paul brings a wealth of experience of pipeline repairs and rehabilitation.

"I'm very excited by this opportunity to bring cutting edge technology to both our existing customer base and a completely new market that this venture opens up to us.

"The establishment of Danaher & Walsh APS complements our existing group offering very well, meaning we can offer clients civil engineering and sewer rehabilitation capabilities from under one roof."