Danaher & Walsh holds employee Communications Day

Danaher & Walsh recently held a Communications Day event, attended by all employees. The morning event featured presentations from the group’s management team on the business’ plans for the futures.

Managing Director Dan Danaher first outlined the group’s vision and values. He went on to emphasise the importance of health & safety and explained the investment in new plant machinery.

Finance Director Mark Taylor presented the business’s financial performance for the past few years and shared the growth projections for the future.

Operations Director Russell Fitzjohn explained about the ‘journey’ that the business is on and the importance of repeat business from satisfied customers.

QuEnSH (Quality, Environment, Safety & Health) Coordinator Ciaràn Lennon talked about health & safety and environmental matters. He emphasised the importance of near miss reporting and how the information is used to make improvements to how the business works.