Danaher & Walsh announces comprehensive Return to Work Action Plan

On 17th April, we made an announcement outlining our intentions to begin a phased recommencement of site operations, starting on Monday 11th May.

In preparation for this, our senior management team has produced a comprehensive Return to Work Action Plan, outlining the details of our approach to providing a safe working environment for all.

Detailed risk assessments have been completed, in conjunction with published advice from Public Health England and the World Health Organisation. The result is a detailed Action Plan in which we have full confidence.

The overriding theme of our approach to the recommencement of works is that if our employees are not confident in their ability to abide by the prescribed safety measures, they should not work.

Site management teams are to be comprehensively briefed on the application of the guidelines. Checklists have been produced to ensure that all appropriate measures are being applied. Branded advice posters have been produced for use on all sites.

Our Action Plan is available to all employees, clients, subcontractors, partners and stakeholders.

Danaher & Walsh is committed to being a leader in the establishment of safe working conditions in the context of the current challenges; whilst maintaining dialogue with clients and other contractors to help establish industry-wide best practice consensus.

Click the link below to download our full Return to Work Action Plan.

Download the Action Plan