APS continues investment in UV LED technology

  • Published on 13th May 2019
  • Category APS

Danaher & Walsh APS has made a further major investment in UV LED curing technology with the purchase of a Sewertronics LEDRig system.

Danaher & Walsh APS' new LEDRig and SpeedyLight+ systems

Following on from the overwhelming success of the Sewertronics SpeedyLight+ UV LED system purchased last year, an order has also been placed for a second SpeedyLight+ unit.

The revolutionary Sewertronics pipe lining systems use UV LED lighting to cure pipe liners in a fraction of the time of traditional methods, meaning greater lengths of liner can be installed in a day. The systems are extremely compact, meaning they can be used almost anywhere. This method is also environmentally firendly and very safe.

The new LEDRig system builds on the technology used in SpeedyLight+, but uses a 'light train', which is passed through the pipe to initiate curing. This revolutionary method allows curing of pipes up to 600mm diameter, in sections as long as 200m.

Speaking about the purchases, APS Contracts Manager Paul Cleaver said: "We're big advocates of the UV LED curing method because of its speed, safety and environmental benefits.

"This impressive new system will allow us to cure larger pipes, in longer sections and at lightning speed."