Anglian Water team visits Grimsby Institute apprentices

Members of Danaher & Walsh's Anglian Water delivery team visited Construction Operations apprentices at Grimsby Institute to provide some industry insight.

The four strong team, who all work on the Water Recycling Network Alliance, delivered practical demonstrations to the apprentices, covering key aspects of wastewater asset maintenance and repair.

Operations Manager Danny discussed different types of pipes and fittings and examples of where they are used.

Jetvac Operator Steve talked the apprentices through D&W's state-of-the-art Bucher jetvac truck and how it is deployed.

Jamie and Ash from our specialist lining division gave a demonstration of patch lining in a special transparent pipe to help illustrate the process. 

The students were then given a tour of one of our specialist lining vehicles and were invited to use one of our powerful IMS robotic cutter units.