Sainsbury's Melton Mowbray Section 278 Highway Works

About the project

Danaher & Walsh was appointed by main contractor Simons Construction to carry out works relating to the construction of a new Sainsbury’s supermarket in Melton Mowbray, Leicestershire, on the site of the former Melton Borough Council offices near the town centre.

Key details

Simons Construction
Project value
11 months

Key aims and challenges

Firstly, we constructed a substantial sewer diversion, comprising 300m of large diameter piping. We also constructed a reinforced concrete retaining wall, adjacent to an existing carriageway, of 35 metres in length and two metres height.

We then began the Section 278 highway works, comprising construction of a four-way traffic signalised junction on the existing Nottingham Road, a busy route into the town centre. This provides access to the new store as well as the existing PERA research centre on the opposite side of Nottingham Road.

How did we do?

A programme of traffic management was devised and implemented in order to maintain flow on the A606 Nottingham Road, the major route into Melton Mowbray from the north, whilst the works on the highway took place.

Consideration had to be made for the fact that the site is very close to the main livestock entrance to Melton’s Cattlemarket, which is extremely busy on market days.

The site is also located close to the town’s busiest traffic junction, where the A606 and A6006 meet the ring road; traffic management therefore had to be implemented so as to minimise the knock-on effect at this junction and the surrounding road system.

Numerous services traversed the new section of highway and consequently had to be diverted. Danaher & Walsh worked with Simons to manage this process with all statutory undertakers.