M11 Junction 7A Advance Works, Harlow

About the project

Danaher & Walsh was appointed by Essex County Council, via Eastern Highways Framework 2, to carry out this scheme of enabling works prior to the construction of a new junction off the M11 motorway.

Key details

Essex County Council
Project value
May 2018 - Oct 2019

Key aims and challenges

The scheme comprised a series of enabling works along a 1.3 mile section of the B183 Gilden Way in Harlow.

Specifically, the works involved site clearance, installation of surface water sewers and manholes, reconstruction of footways, utilities works and fencing.

Civil engineering works were undertaken to facilitate the diversion, lowering and protection of utilities, including gas, water, telecoms, electricity and waste water. Advanced surveys were undertaken to determine possible route options and detect potential clashes. 

Directional drilling techniques were used in certain sections in order to facilitate road crossings without affecting the two-way flow of traffic.

Danaher & Walsh coordinated the works of the numerous statutory undertakers, managing the contract programme to ensure timely delivery of the overall works.

How did we do?

Environmental considerations were key to this scheme. In order to address project constraints, consents and approvals were sought and obtained from Natural England and the Environment Agency. Ecologically sensitive areas within and adjacent to the works areas were suitably protected to ensure compliance with the CEMP.

Proactive stakeholder engagement was also necessary with Essex Highways, Harlow Council and Epping Forest District Council. Provision was made to assist with the planning application for the main M11 works and subsequent enquiry process.

An in-depth traffic management plan was created and implemented to manage the interface with road users and non-motorised users throughout the scheme. This comprised multiple phases and temporary traffic regulation orders to maintain the flow of traffic on the busy B183, a key route in and out of Harlow.