Stonebridge Park, Nottingham

About the project

Danaher & Walsh was appointed by major social housing landlord Nottingham City Homes to carry out environmental improvements to residential areas on the Stonebridge Park estate in St Ann’s, Nottingham.

Key details

Nottingham City Homes
Project value
2014 - 2015
In phases

Key aims and challenges

The works included, construction of driveways, demolition of old garage blocks, construction of communal parking areas, paving works, installation of metal and timber fencing, installation of vehicle and pedestrian gates, construction of pathways, construction of shed bases and installation of sheds.

As this project took place in the heart of a residential area, key to its success was proactive and effective stakeholder engagement. Staff were trained in expected behaviour before the commencement of works. All workers were issued with ID cards, which were carried at all times.

Prior to commencement, letters were sent to customers advising them of the proposed works, advising of the ID card system and providing a procedure for reporting improper conduct. 

Customers were visited in person in advance of works on or around their own properties. The Site Agent explained the works and addressed and queries. Residents were informed of any changes to works that are likely to impact them by a face-to-face visit from our Site Agent.

How did we do?

This overall approach to the project meant that valuable local improvements were delivered whilst minimising the impact of the works on the community and ensuring that they felt engaged with the project. Our commitment to sourcing locally was well demonstrated on this project. As well as using our own locally-based, directly-employed labour, we employed a number of subcontractors based in Nottingham.

We worked closely with Nottingham City Homes' Project, Maintenance and Resident Engagement teams to ensure that the delivery of the works corresponded with their own programme requirements.