Boots Bridge, Manea

About the project

Danaher & Walsh was appointed by Skanska, under their term contract with Cambridgeshire County Council, to undertake the demolition and reconstruction of a highway bridge near Manea.

Key details

Project value
January - June 2019
22 weeks

Key aims and challenges

Boots Bridge crosses the Sixteen Foot Drain at the junction of the B1093 and B1098 roads, between the Cambridgeshire villages or Manea and Wimblington.

The former bridge was deemed to be in need of replacement. However, it was decided that the existing abutments could be partially retained, reducing the necessary scope of works.

The project required meticulous logistical planning and extensive temporary works.

How did we do?

The B1093 road was closed to allow the bridge replacement works to take place. Temporary works  included access scaffolding, a large floating pontoon / crash deck, a crane platform and a pedestrian walkway across the waterway.

Following the installation of temporary works, demolition of the bridge took place. The parapets, deck and beams were all removed, as were the upper sections of the abutments. 

Hydraulic rams and braces were used to prop the retained sections of the abutments to prevent any unwanted movement following removal of the superstructure. 

The new deck and abutment tops were constructed using cast in situ reinforced concrete. The various services carried across the bridge were incorporated into the new structure.

Finally, the new carriageway was constructed and new steel parapets installed.