Robotic Cutting

Danaher & Walsh APS has the capability to offer a range of high-tech robotic cutting solutions.

This remote controlled, high precision process offers a cost effective for carrying out work within sewers, mitigating the requirement to dig a trench and manually carry out the works.

The robotic cutting technique can be used to:

  • Removal and repair of collapsed pipes (alongside patch lining)
  • Remove invasive tree roots
  • Remove grout, cement, debris and other obstructions
  • Reopen lateral connections after sewer lining
  • Trim intruding lateral connections

Cutting operations can be carried out in sewers and pipes ranging in diameter from small to very large.

Robotic cutting is a reliable solution to these challenges and many more. In mitigating the requirement to excavate, this technique can be very cost-effective and will minimise disruption caused by works.

This technique is often used in conjunction with patch lining and other rehabilitation methods in order to provide a complete solution. 

Our friendly and knowledgeable team will be pleased to advise you on how robotic cutting can provide a cost-effective solution to your needs.

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