QuickLock Point Repairs

Danaher & Walsh APS is pleased to offer QuickLock Point Repairs.

This system involves inserting a stainless steel liner to repair a section of pipe or close off an abandoned lateral connection.

The liner is pushed into place using a 'tractor', which drives through the pipe, meaning no excavation is required. A packer is then inflated inside the liner to the maximum allowable diameter, where it is held in place permanently using a ratchet system 

The steel sleeve has a seamless EDPM compression seal on its outer, creating a watertight joint.

Because the packer is hollow, this process can be carried out without having to stop flow through the pipe. There is no curing time because the process is purely mechanical.

This high-tech system can be used as a quick and cost-effective way of repairing leaking or cracked pipes and root intrusion.

Danaher & Walsh APS will be pleased to advise on how this solution can be of benefit to you.