Primus Line®

Danaher & Walsh APS is one of just three authorised installers of Primus Line® in the United Kingdom.

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Primus Line® is a revolutionary product from German construction group Rädlinger, which provides trenchless rehabilitation of pressure pipes.

The system consists of a flexible Kevlar® reinforced liner and specially developed end fittings. Primus Line® is not bonded to the host pipe and is self-supporting. 

Pipes up to 500m diameter and up to 5.3km in length can be rehabilitated in a single installation. The Primus Line® can also pass through an infinite number of bends of 45° or less. The product uses no chemicals and has no curing time. When fully installed, Primus Line® is able to withstand extremely high pressures.

Danaher & Walsh APS Primus Line® installations are guaranteed for 50 years. What's more, because the Primus Line® does not bond to the host pipe, it can be easily removed for replacement - not that you will ever need to do this.

This product is an extremely cost-effective way to massively extend the life of a pressure pipe system with minimal intervention and outstanding reliability.

Contact us to ask how we can use this cutting-edge technology to help you.

Primus Line section
Section of Primus Line in situ