Pitch Fibre Re-Rounding

Danaher & Walsh APS is pleased to offer  pitch fibre pipe re-rounding solutions.

Pitch fibre was heralded as a wonder material in the 1950s, and was a commonly-used type of pipe installed up until the 1970s. This wood cellulose material impregnated with coal tar was very cheap to make and easy to handle.

Unfortunately, pitch fibre pipes tended to deform over time, leaving an oval-shaped section and reduced hydraulic performance. In a worst case scenario, the pipes can collapse altogether.

Our pitch fibre re-rounding solution involves pulling a re-rounding tool through the pipe, restoring its original round shape.

A CIPP liner is then inserted through the pipe, creating a durable and correctly shaped pipeline that will remain serviceable for years to come.

This whole process takes place without even needing to excavate a trench.

Our expert team at Danaher & Walsh APS will be glad to advise on our pitch fibre re-rounding solutions.

Get in touch with us today to discuss how we can renew your pitch fibre pipes.