Patch Lining

Danaher & Walsh APS is pleased to offer patch lining solutions for isolated pipeline repairs.

There are some scenarios where full relining of a pipe is not necessary, because damage to the pipe is limited to a short section.

Whilst pipe relining will of course enhance the serviceable life of the whole pipeline, cost savings can be achieved by carrying out patch lining to the damaged section only.

Patch lining a troublesome section of pipe will provide a durable repair, while preventing the problem re-occurring. 

The silicate resin used in the patching process has a high resistance to heat and chemicals. Because of this, patch lining is an ideal solution in food and chemical processing environments.

This technique is also an ideal solution to remediating groundwater infiltration.

Patch lining can be carried out to pipes ranging from 75mm to 1,500mm in diameter, as well as non-circular profile pipelines including brick and stone culverts.

Danaher & Walsh APS's expert team will gladly advise on how this very cost-effective solution can help you. 

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