UV technology enables a rapid domestic installation

  • Client Anglian Water
  • Date January 2019

About the project

One of the first SpeedyLight+ UV LED installations in the UK took place at a domestic property in Caistor, Lincolnshire, on behalf of Anglian Water.

Key aims and challenges

The project involved the rehabilitation of four lengths of sewer totalling 65m length, connecting three domestic properties. The failing sewer was made from pitch fibre, which had deformed over time.

Pitch fibre was regularly used for sewer pipes between the 1950s and 1970s. Though cheap and easy to install, it is prone to deformation over time, or even complete collapse.

How did we do?

Danaher & Walsh APS first restored the correct shape of the pipe using a re-rounding 'pig'. The second stage was to line the pipe to form a permanent repair.

The revolutionary Sewertronics SpeedyLight+ UV LED lining system was selected to carry out the cured-in-place-pipe lining. 

Owing to the system's rapid curing speed of 1m per minute, all four sections of sewer were inverted and lined within half a day and the customers' service was fully restored within the day.

As one run of sewer passed underneath a customer's kitchen, the issue of odours may have been a concern. This issue was eliminated by using a styrene-free vinyl-ester resin. 

The liners were resin impregnated prior to arrival at site in order to remove the requirement to handle chemicals at the customer's property.

As with all CIPP installations, the trenchless methodology massively reduced inconvenience to the customer by removing the need for excavation of their garden.