Sewer collapse under a garage, Fiskerton, Lincs

  • Client Anglian Water
  • Date January 2018

About the project

A badly collapsed 150mm sewer in Fiskerton, Lincolnshire, posed a significant challenge as it was located underneath a customer’s garage.

Key aims and challenges

One potential solution involved demolishing the garage, excavating, carrying out the repair and rebuilding the garage. Another option comprised constructing a 50m diversion route away from the affected area of pipe.

Both of these solutions would have been costly, potentially disruptive and would have taken significant time to implement.

How did we do?

After clearing the collapsed section of pipe and debris using rods, a large void was opened up.  A liner was inserted, with a protective jean to maintain the pipe’s shape through the void section. The liner was supported at both ends to prevent sagging, before it was cured to form the repair. Silicate patching was then installed to provide additional strength, before the remaining void was pumped with foam concrete.

The pipe was back in service after two days. Danaher & Walsh’s solution saved around 75% in cost and 80% in time over the garage demolition option, or 66% in cost and 62% in time over the pipeline diversion option. It also resulted in much less disruption for the customer.