A leaking swimming pool and a big deadline

About the project

Danaher & Walsh APS was called upon to solve an unforeseen problem at a leisure centre under major refurbishment in Hull.

Key details

Hull Esteem Consortium
Project value
May 2018

Key aims and challenges

Woodford Leisure Centre has long been a popular destination in Hull for sports, fitness and recreation. In September 2016, the centre was closed so that a £8m refurbishment could begin, undertaken by leading regional contractor Hobson & Porter.

As part of the revamp, new changing rooms and reception areas were constructed, as well as a brand new 25m six-lane swimming pool to complement Woodford's popular, existing family fun pool. Unfortunately, with just weeks to go before the centre's grand re-opening, the fun pool was found to be leaking huge volumes of water.

Diagnostic work carried out by engineers isolated the leakage to the pool's filtration and recirculation system. Danaher & Walsh APS was appointed to carry out a full rehabiltation of the system's pipework using trenchless technology.

The pipework, which carries water extracted from the pool via outlets to a filtration system and carries the clean water back to the pool under moderate pressure, passes around several bends and changes in diameter several times.

With these challenging factors in mind, Danaher & Walsh APS selected the BRAWOLINER® system to carry out the bulk of the rehabilitation.

BRAWOLINER® is a resin-impregnated liner, which is fed into the pipe using a pressurised inversion drum. The material's flexibility allowed it to cope with the pipe bends and changes in diameter. 

How did we do?

Around 130m of pipework was rehabilitated in total. The lining works were carried out over 10 days. 

The repair was completely successful and Woodford Leisure Centre was reopened to the public on schedule. The rehabilitated pipes will have a service life that likely exceeds the life of the leisure centre itself.