Emergency scheme to avoid costly delays

About the project

Anglian Water were in the process of laying a brand new 600mm water main under Burgh Road, one of the two main roads into the busy seaside resort of Skegness. An existing 225mm sewer at the site was found to be suffering from severe hydrogen sulphide (H2S) damage and was in need of rehabilitation before the water main could be laid.

Key details

Anglian Water
Project value
January 2019

Key aims and challenges

Danaher & Walsh APS visited the site and liaised with Anglian Water, contractor Barhale and Lincolnshire County Council to propose a solution that would not delay the laying of the water main on a very traffic-sensitive highway.

Agreement between all parties was made and alterations to the existing traffic management were implemented.

A CCTV and jetting crew was mobilised to site on the same evening to carry out a full assessment and obtain measurements; the materials were ordered and arrived the following evening.

How did we do?

Due to potential loss of internal dimensions, a double inversion method was used. 

A solution comprising 225mm and 240mm polyurethane liners impregnated with epoxy resin was used for this scheme to ensure structural strength and a return to the correct nominal bore. 

The liners were inverted using water pressure and cured with heated water using a 2MBTU boiler system. 

The scheme was completed over two nights - with temperatures on site dropping as low as -14°C - resulting in no delays to the laying of the water main and resulting impact on the highway network. 

Effective collaboration with stakeholders was key to the project's success.