Budget-friendly drainage repairs at secondary school

  • Client St Thomas Aquinas Catholic Multi Academy Trust
  • Date July 2020

About the project

De Lisle College is a 1,200 pupil secondary school in Loughborough, Leicestershire. The college contacted Danaher & Walsh APS to come up with a cost-effective solution to some troublesome drainage issues.

Key aims and challenges

Two sections of 150mm pipe between three manholes - totalling 61m linear metres - were suffering from dips and displaced joints. Owing to the relatively steep gradients of the school campus, the drainage pipes were as deep as 3.5m.

Replacing the pipes and manholes by traditional excavation methods had been considered. This method would have caused inevitable disruption, with a large area of the school grounds having to be fenced-off whilst the works took place.

Instead, after cleansing the pipes, Danaher & Walsh APS used UV LED curing techniques to reline the sections of pipe with a durable liner.

Prior to lining the pipes, robotic cutters were deployed to scour the pipes to remove scale build-up, and mill away obstructions at the displaced joints. This ensured that the host pipes were able to accommodate the liners.

Additionally, robotic cutting techniques were used post-lining to reopen two lateral connections into the sewer.

As well as keeping disruption to an absolute minimum, it is estimated that the trenchless techniques used delivered a 70% cost saving over the open excavation option, while delivering a long-lasting repair.