Blocked sewer in awkward location in Lincoln

  • Client Anglian Water
  • Date February 2018

About the project

A sewer had become blocked underneath a narrow access road on a residential street in Lincoln. 

Key aims and challenges

This driveway was situated under an archway between two residential properties, and provided the only means of access to a further property behind.

The desire to maintain access, as well as the proximity of the houses and requirement to commission structural reports, meant that excavation would be costly and problematic. 

A CCTV diagnostic survey enabled the blockage to be attributed to two wooden stakes that had penetrated the sewer pipe.

How did we do?

A remote-controlled robot was sent along the pipe and was used skilfully to cut away the offending wooden posts. The cut wood was carefully retrieved and removed from the system, before patch liners were used to repair the pipe.

This low footprint solution enabled the occupier of the house at the rear of the site to maintain access to his property on foot and by car for the duration of the works – much to his relief. Furthermore, the works were completed in two days, whereas excavation would have required five days and posed a risk to the integrity of the adjacent buildings.