Culvert Lining

Danaher & Walsh APS offers rehabilitation solutions for culverts and large diameter pipes.

Dependent on the exact application, one of a number of different systems will be used.

CIPP liners are often suitable for culvert applications; a number of different curing methods are used depending the exact requirements and conditions

Alternatively, Danaher & Walsh APS now offers the Amiblu Non-Circular Line system. This proprietary pipeline system is available in non-circular cross-sections and has a 150-year service life, high impact resistance and resilience to acids.

As well as being available 'off-the-shelf' in egg, arch and mouth profiles, we are able to have custom profiles manufactured to order. Amiblu NC Line pipes are available in diameters from 400mm to 4m. 

Sections of pre-cured pipe are simply moved into position before being joined to one another, either using glue or Amiblu's spigot and groove system with elastometric gaskets.

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