CIPP Lining

Danaher & Walsh APS offers a CIPP (Cure in Place Pipe) trenchless lining solution.

This cutting-edge technique enables the effective rehabilitation of sewers and culverts, without having to carry out costly open-cut excavation and replacement of the pipe.

CIPP lining works by inserting a resin-impregnated, reinforced liner through the existing pipeline. This liner is then cured in situ, creating a seamless, durable pipeline within the existing pipe.

CIPP lining can be used to rehabilitate foul sewers, storm drains, as well as pressure pipelines for water, gas and process effluents.

By removing the necessity to excavate a trench, CIPP lining is less disruptive, better for the environment, safer and, almost always, more cost-effective. 

CIPP lining can be used for pipelines ranging from 75mm to 1,500mm in diameter, as well as non-circular profile pipelines including brick and stone culverts.

Different techniques can be used to cure the pipe liner, including hot water, ambient air, hot steam and UV Light.  

At Danaher & Walsh APS, our experience and resources enable us to offer the most effective method for each project.

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