CCTV Surveys

Danaher & Walsh is pleased to offer pipeline CCTV surveys and diagnostic work using state-of-the-art equipment.

The first stage of any pipeline repair or rehabilitation project is to inspect the pipe to diagnose any problems and their root cause.

This is done using remote-control camera systems that drive along the pipe whilst delivering high quality real-time imaging.

Danaher & Walsh APS uses some of the most advanced camera systems available to provide high quality imaging, resulting in insightful and accurate surveys and diagnostic information, which is then presented to you in DVD format with a full technical report.

Our skilled and experienced operators have the ability to collect the necessary footage and interpret it correctly, meaning we can present you with a diagnostic report that enables you to make highly informed commercial decisions regarding the management of your pipeline assets.

Our high quality surveys can also be used to verify the integrity of a new drainage installation. In depth reports can be provided to your client or adopting authority for verification.

Our reports are compatible with WinCan VX.

Contact us today to discuss your pipeline and sewer survey and diagnostic requirements.