Social Value

Installing bins in a public area in Northampton

Danaher & Walsh helping to restore a public park in Northampton

Social Value is more than just a buzzword.  It changes lives.

Danaher & Walsh is committed to enhancing local communities in which we work by delivering positive social value.

We are committed to working with clients, our supply chain and other stakeholders to maximise the social, economic and environmental well-being of local communities.

Yes, there is a very big reason why we need to ensure we add social value to a project when it is for a Public Sector client. We have to. By law (The Social Value Act 2013), Government Departments have to report on the social value they create. This filters down to us.

But when you start to look at what good can be done, things that benefit communities and, in turn, benefit us too, it really does feel like a win-win situation.

As a family business with a social conscience, whilst we don't have the budgets of the Main Contractors, we match their desire in terms of our will to help our communities and the people who live in them.

So, what exactly is social value, how can we all help, and what are we already doing?

Social Value means changing communities for the better.

The Government Framework measures Social Value across 5 key Themes:

  • Jobs - promote local skills and employment.
  • Growth - of responsible, local businesses.
  • Social - create healthier, safer and more resilient communities.
  • Environment - decarbonising & safeguarding our planet.
  • Innovation - promoting social innovation.

The key to adding beneficial social value is to engage with the communities local to the project, find out what they want and work with them to help them to achieve their goals.